Wednesday, April 18, 2012

katalina : A WiFi KARMA Automation Tool

katalina : A WiFi KARMA Automation Tool

Katalina is an automation tool for launching KARMA wireless assessments. It's an implementation of Karmetasploit that works both via Airbase-NG as well as a Jasager device. It's designed with BackTrack 5 in mind but should work an all Linux operating systems.

What does it do:
  • Creates the right dhcpd.conf file if it doesn’t exit
  • It creates the right karma.rc file for Metasploit to use
  • Lists and enables monitor mode on the wireless interface of choice
  • Kicks off Airbase-NG
  • Allows to specify a rogue AP SSID (by default it emulates a FON)
  • Verbose mode tails /var/log/messages in its own window allowing you to see any connections
  • It can re-initialize the wireless driver if it didn’t work (some drivers require this under VMs)
Download katalina using following command:
svn checkout

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