Friday, June 15, 2012

how to Play High Quality Games Without Graphic Card

Play High Quality Games Without Graphic Card


Hello world, everyone knows that, how a person feels when he has a PC with best configuration  but doesn't have any graphic card to play high - quality games. Normally if you wanna play some high-quality graphic games, graphic card is only not only thing you need , you also require a certain amount of RAM of 2 or 4 or 8 GB and other thing that can make you PC and best both with performance and graphics. And to add more quality in graphics , graphic card is required.

But if graphic card is not their then what will you do.? You can work on PC without "Graphic card", but what about games..??

Its true that you don't wanna play "Ancient games" which has a basic video game quality.

I mean c'mon guys there are best games in world with awesome quality, and you have to check it out. But how will ya do it if you don't have "Graphic card" or certainly you have a Graphic card but that's an old one who gives cheap quality.. so what will ya do..???

Don't worry guys in this world nothing is impossible - 
I'am providing you all a "GRAPHIC ANALYZER PACK"

This pack has two software in it 1 - Swift Shader 3.0 and 2 - 3D Analyzer instruction to use this software are given in "Notepad" Follow that and your job is done.

---------------------------MORE TIPS-----------------------------

1. Right-click on my computer select properties goto advance and select settings in performance tab and check on adjust for appearance settings

2. Boost your game with "GAME BOOSTER - 3"

3. Type in "Run" "msconfig" and "System configuration utility wizard appears, then goto start up tab and click on disable all and restart your pc.

4. And when you start your game play it on low settings ..

Remember - This settings can only work with swift shader 3.0 i mean if you decided to play game only with swift shader 3.0 rather playing with swift slayer and 3D analyzer  than the above four are the most important steps of which you have to take care of.

(play games with swift shader if you are not aware of settings of 3D Analyzer for your game, if you want to know that which settings are suitable for your game than search on "GOOGLE" or "YOUTUBEbecause every game has different settings) 

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