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Advanced Tabnabbing Tutorial

Advanced Tabnabbing Tutorial 

Hey friends, today i am going to How to Hack emailssocial networking websites and other websites involving login information. The technique that i am going to teach you today is Advanced Tabnabbing. I have already explai
ned what is basic tabnabbing today we will extend our knowledge base, i will explain things with practical example. So lets learn..
I will explain this tutorial  using attack scenario and live example and how to protect yourself from such stuff.
Let consider a attack scenario:

1. A hacker say(me Lokesh) customizes current webpage by editing/adding some new parameters and variables.( check the code below for details)
2. I (Lokesh) sends a copy of this web page to victim whose account or whatever i want to hack.
3. Now when user opens that link, a webpage similar to this one will open in iframe containing the real page with the help of java script.
4. The user will be able to browse the website like the original one, like forward backward and can navigate through pages.
5. Now if victim left the new webpage open for certain period of time, the tab or website will change to Phish Page or simply called fake page which will look absolutely similarly to original one.
6. Now when user enter his/her credentials (username/password), he is entering that in Fake page and got trapped in our net that i have laid down to hack him.
Here end's the attack scenario for advanced tabnabbing.

Note: This tutorial is only for Educational Purposes, I did not take any responsibility of any misuse, you will be solely responsible for any misuse that you do.  Hacking email accounts is criminal activity and is punishable under cyber crime and you may get upto 10 years of imprisonment, if got caught in doing so.

Before coding Part lets first share tips to protect yourself from this kind of attack because its completely undetectable and you will never be able to know that your account is got hacked or got compromised. So first learn how to protect our-self from Advanced Tabnabbing.

Follow below measure to protect yourself from Tabnabbing:
1. Always use anti-java script plugin's in your web browser that stops execution of malicious javascripts. For example: Noscript for Firefox etc.
2. If you notice any suspicious things happening, then first of all verify the URL in the address bar.
3. If you receive any link in the Email or chat message, never directly click on it. Always prefer to type it manually in address bar to open it, this may cost you some manual work or time but it will protect you from hidden malicious URL's.
4. Best way is to use any good web security toolbar like AVG web toolbar or Norton web security toolbar to protect yourself from such attacks.
5. If you use ideveloper or Firebug, then verify the headers by yourself if you find something suspicious.

That ends our security Part. Here ends my ethical hacker duty to notify all users about the attack. Now lets start the real stuff..

Note: Aza Raskin was the first person to propose the technique of tabnabbing and still we follow the same concept. I will just extend his concept to next level.

First sample code for doing tabnabbing with the help of iframes:

Now what you need to replace in this code to make it working say for Facebook:
2. REAL_PAGE_TITLE : Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More
3. FAKE_PAGE_URL : Your Fake Page or Phish Page URL
4. FAKE_PAGE_TITLE : Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More
6. FAKE_FAVICON : Your Fake Page URL/favicon.ico ( Note: Its better to upload the facebook favicon, it will make it more undetectable)
7. BROWSER_TYPE : Find which web browser normally user uses and put that name here in quotes.
8. TIME_TO_SWITCH_IE : Put numeric value (time) after you want tab to switch.
9. TIME_TO_SWITCH_OTHERS : Time after which you want to switch back to original 'real' page or some other Page.

Now as i have explained earlier you can use this technique to hack anything like email accounts, Facebook or any other social networking website. What you need to do is that just edit the above mentioned 9 fields and save it as anyname.htm and upload it any free web hosting website along with favicon file and send the link to user in form of email or chat message ( hidden using href keyword in html or spoofed using some other technique).

That's all for today. I hope you all enjoyed some advanced stuff. If you have any doubts or queries ask me in form of comments.
A comment of appreciation will do the work..

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