Friday, January 20, 2012

How to trace pictures downloaded from Facebook

Trace pictures downloaded from 


Hi Facebook accounts can be hacked in many ways for that a black hat hacker must trace a particular account.
There are many ways to trace an account but this is a the super easy way to trace back the account that too without using any software but how lets take a look..

Step 1 .. Select Any Pic Downloaded From Facebook From your Computer.
               After Selecting Pic go to there Properties or press  (ALT+ENTER) on the pic .
               As Given Below :

and After That  see the pic name  if it is like something .. 371672_100001639868264_965537282_n.jpg

then select the second one which is  100001639868264

Step 2.  Paste it into 

Replace "#########" with your numbers. Which is  100001639868264

thank you

posted by -Hitesh Verma

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